Glasstower is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. It won’t have all the bells and whistles of an application dedicated to a single purpose, but it will have what you need to get stuff done. The database manager (currently under development) will allow you to connect to a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite database, view your tables, make simple edits and run raw commands, it will be designed to let you “get s**t done” without being a confusing mess.

Notes – I had a lot of notes stored in my password manager, but as I move servers, those notes became out of date, and it became a pain finding the right notes for the right server, having the notes stored next to the server makes things a lot easier.

Terminal – I used to use Termius for my terminal usage, and it’s a great application, but the one thing that annoyed me about it was that you have to pay $8.33/mo in order to sync between clients. Importing and exporting was one of the first things I built into Glasstower. I’m not saying ditch Termius in favour of Glasstower because it’s a great application, but it’s definitely one of the things that’s made my daily life easier.

Tasks – Often there are simple tasks I need to run on a server, and often I need to refresh my memory on the commands needed, with the task section the idea was to save the command so that it could either be ran from the tasks section, or used as a button on the overview page. As soon as you add a server, two tasks, Restart and Shutdown are added.

Beauty is subjective, one of the key things I want to do, though, is build applications people *want* to use, because they look elegant and are simple to use, whether Glasstower achieves that objective I’m sure people with have differing views on.

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